119 Oakwood Drive East, Monticello, MN, United States

About the Company and Staff.

94 Services is located right off of I-94 in Monticello. This is where the name 94 Services actually comes from, rather than having 94 separate services that we provide (the true number is much higher)! The main sales agent is Joe Kounkel (pictured left). In the 24 years the company has been around Joe has sold over 400 ambulances to date. He's hard working and available for questions any time. Feel free to contact him at 763-271-6449. 


Joe's Sales

This map shows Joe's most recent ambulance sales.  His territory includes Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota.

What is 94 Services?


94 Services is a family owned and operated dealership in Monticello, MN and has been in business since 1991. At 94 Services, we specialize in new and used ambulances. We have partnered with Life Line Emergency Vehicles to sell the best, and most customizable, ambulances in the industry.

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